We offer preventive and corrective maintenance of hardware and software for your organization; we have plans suitable for every need, technical level 1, 2 and 3, and specialists for tailored cases.


The effective management of documents generated in your company ensures more effective processes and best practices in your organization, which also guarantees a significant reduction in time and costs. Our team of consultants listens to perceive your needs and thus validated, we qualify and we quantify your needs and opportunities.


We have a team of trained technicians to offer the most efficient network solution for your corporate environment. We have materials of high quality and certification of components, as well as integrating with the necessary hardware for optimal performance.


We provide solutions tailored to your organization, through the use of high quality materials and devices with the latest technology in the market, systems of closed circuit television and integration with mobile devices and centralization of surveillance operations in the security area.

Access Control

The assistance solution provided by our team consists of devices which are suitable to each area of your offices and the adequate software which can be administered by any member of your organization.

El Segundo Building, 2nd Floor, Office 8.
Urbanization Las Mercedes, Paris Street between
Trinidad and New York. Baruta State, Miranda.

Master Phone: +58(212) 628.8000